The employment law services at Employers Legal Resource Center are founded on three principles:

Building partnerships with our clients

We build partnerships with our clients, taking time to learn about their business philosophy, operations and goals so that we may provide legal services consistent with and tailored to their particular business.

Providing services at a predictable cost

Being able to predict the cost associated with a particular service is just another way of demonstrating that we understand business. As a business person, you want to know exactly what you’re getting and exactly how much you will pay before incurring those costs. In addition to a quote customized for your business, Employers Legal Resource Center provides a host of additional employment-law services on a flat-fee basis. This predictability enables businesses to budget with a fair degree of accuracy their annual legal expenses.

Focusing on Prevention

Prevention is the key to avoiding most employment-related claims and reducing the risk of exposure when such claims are made.

Christine Cave, Esq., SPHR, brings a fresh approach to the legal issues facing employers. As a long-time small business owner and frequent volunteer on non-profit boards, she understands the very real challenges facing these populations, including the potential devastation that would result from even a frivolous claim by an employee. Consequently, she dedicates her time to helping small businesses and non-profits understand the risk of employment litigation and advising them how to minimize that risk.

Tari Larkins joined Employers Legal Resource Center (“ELRC”) in January 2014, where she adds value to the services provided to clients with her strong organization and efficient management of the firm’s administrative functions & paralegal services for clients’ litigation and business matters. She is an integral part of the ELRC team, doing everything from filing pleadings, maintaining litigation files, reviewing and organizing discovery, to assisting attorneys at trial.