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Employers Must Electronically Submit Form 300A to OSHA by March 2, 2019!

February 26, 2019

Any employer that is not considered exempt from this requirement (see below) should begin to prepare to submit the required data to OSHA. Employers must electronically submit Form 300A to OSHA by March 2, 2019 for calendar year 2018. The Form 300A is the summary of the total number of job-related injuries and illnesses occurring in the preceding year (note that this is not your OSHA 300 log or your Form 301 Incident Reports). The Form 300A is submitted via OSHA’s website which offers three options for employers’ to submit their data.

Some employers are not required to post this form, either because they employ fewer than twenty employees or are engaged in any industry considered exempt from the OSHA recordkeeping and posting requirements. For a full list of the industries considered exempt, click here. Of course, even those employers that otherwise would be considered exempt from the recordkeeping and posting requirements must comply with those requirements if asked to do so by OSHA, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, or a comparable state agency.

Employers with questions about OSHA’s submission requirements, including whether they would be considered exempt from it, should contact Employers Legal Resource Center at 405-702-9797.